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Yummy! Say ‘Ice-Cream’ & flavors in Mandarin with audio pronunciation

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream!!! Summer is here. Now is the time for lots and lots of ice-cream. As a mom who LOVES ice-cream, my kids are often indulged throughout the summer. Learn how to say … Continue reading

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Tapping maple trees & learning ‘tree’ words in Mandarin (with kids’ character tracing sheet)

Spring finally arrived yesterday. Here in New Hampshire, we were welcomed with a bunch of wet snow and slick rain…typical New England weather. The good news is that it is maple sugaring time here. My daughter’s school taps maple trees … Continue reading

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Suggested Book – “Cat and Rat” by Ed Young

My kids love to hear about the twelve animals associated with the Chinese Zodiac. They will inquire about which animal they are, I am, and all their relatives and friends. By the way, I am a monkey. Most recently, my … Continue reading

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Say ‘Happy Birthday! (in Mandarin Chinese with audio clip)

Happy Birthday! Here’s how we say Happy Birthday in Mandarin Chinese: 生日快乐!Shēng rì Kùai lè! (‘Sheng’ is ‘shung’ with a high, sustained tone; ‘ri’ is ‘ruh’ with a descending tone;’kuai’ is ‘k-why’ with a declining tone, le is ‘l+uh’ with … Continue reading

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Give your child a “hóng bāo” 红包 for Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year started recently and the celebration goes on for about a week. As with many holidays, children receive gifts. Typically, the gift given is a red envelope filled with coins/money. These envelopes are called “hóng bāo” 红包 or … Continue reading

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