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Resources for learning Chinese numbers and counting in Mandarin.

Write the characters for one, two, and three (with worksheet)

Although writing Chinese characters may seem daunting, there are some very simple characters children can learn. Children trace and write the characters for one (yī) 一, two (èr) 二, and three (sān)  三. Download this worksheet for children to count … Continue reading

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Count from 1 to 10 in Mandarin (with audio pronunciation clip)

Counting to Ten I count to ten in Chinese. I speak the English first, then the Mandarin second (twice per number): One – yī, two-èr, three-sān, four-sì, five-wǔ, six-lìu, seven-qī, eight-bā, nine-jǐu, ten-shí. At the end, I will count straight through … Continue reading

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