Tip: How to add pinyin tone marks (using Mac OS X 10.6)

Today I figured out how to insert tone marks over pinyin pronunciations. So, I am going back and adding tone marks to the pin yin words on my past posts (please be patient with me as it may take a little while to do this) and I will use these marks going forward.

For those of you who want to learn how to to this, here is how it is done:

  1. Go into System Preferences
  2. Select Language & Text
  3. Set your keyboard to U.S. Extended
  4. For each tone, type option plus a special key that will then place the tone mark over the next letter:

  • option + a –> 1st tone
  • option + e –> 2nd tone
  • option + v –> 3rd tone
  • option + ` (found below the tilde key) –> 4th tone

So, here is how it will look using ‘ma’ as a pinyin example:

  • mā –> 1st tone
  • má –> 2nd tone
  • mǎ –> 3rd tone
  • mà –> 4th tone

Here is the link from Yale University that explains this as well:


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