“Good Morning” and “Good Night” in Mandarin Chinese (with pronunciation audio and coloring page)

What better way to learn Mandarin, than to have your child’s first and last words of the day be in Mandarin Chinese! Say “Good Morning” and “Good Night” as they do in China.

Click here to hear pronunciation of “Good Morning” and “Good Night” in Mandarin.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams Coloring Page

Good Morning! 早上好 ! Zǎo shàng hǎo! (‘zao’ is ‘z’+'ow’ with a descending then rising tone; ‘shang’ is ‘sh’+'ong’ descending tone; ‘hao’ is ‘how’ with descending then rising tone)

Good Night! 晚安 ! Wǎn ān ! (‘wan’ is ‘w’+'on’ with a descending then rising tone; ‘an’ is ‘on’ with a sustained tone)

NOTE: Check out my previous post about Chinese tones for pronunciation tips.

Click here to download a kid’s coloring page with “Good Night!” in Mandarin Chinese.

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