Say Chinese “Happy New Year!” wishes in Mandarin and Grace Lin Craft

“Happy New Year!” Let’s welcome the year of the rabbit and learn to share good wishes in Mandarin Chinese.  Just say…

恭喜发财! Gōngxǐ fācái! (‘Gong’ is g+awng with a dropping then rising tone; ‘xi’ is “she” with a long ‘e’ and dropping and rising tone; ‘fa’ is ‘fa’ with a soft ‘a’ and dropping and rising tone; ‘cai’ is ‘ts’+'eye’ with a rising tone)

Happy Year of the Rabbit!

So, what does the year of the rabbit mean? The year of rabbit forebodes peace and tranquility.

I found a great craft to do with kids, thanks to author/illustrator Grace Lin, that really captures the spirit of the Year of the Rabbit. Click here to view detailed instructions to make an adorable “bunny lantern” in celebration of the Year of the Rabbit.

The project was designed for the Moon Festival, but adapts well to this year’s theme.

Author and illustrator Grace Lin demonstrates her bunny lantern

My daughter will celebrate her 8th birthday. I decided that this craft would be fun to do on her birthday. It combines the Chinese New Year theme (rabbit) with the cute-factor most little girls will enjoy. Have fun!

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