Say ‘Happy Birthday! (in Mandarin Chinese with audio clip)

Happy Birthday! Here’s how we say Happy Birthday in Mandarin Chinese:

Happy Birthday!

生日快乐!Shēng rì Kùai lè! (‘Sheng’ is ‘shung’ with a high, sustained tone; ‘ri’ is ‘ruh’ with a descending tone;’kuai’ is ‘k-why’ with a declining tone, le is ‘l+uh’ with a declining tone). Click here for audio pronunciation.

This month my oldest daughter turns 8 years old. She insists we have a Chinese-themed birthday party. I am excited that she is wanting to integrate her Mandarin learning into her birthday celebration.

I hope to blog about the party planning soon. I have some fun and educational ideas for the party. Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Say ‘Happy Birthday! (in Mandarin Chinese with audio clip)

  1. Zoe says:

    I just wanted to know how much I admire you and how much you’ve helped me. My name is Zoe, I’m currently a high school senior in Mississippi. I’ve been studying Mandarin for about four years now, and I will be attending Georgetown next year as a Chinese studies major.
    I think early language instruction is very important, and inspired by a local Chinese cultural school that I volunteer at I decided to start teaching my own once a week after school mandarin program for kindergartners.
    Needless to say it has been a momentous undertaking, but definatley worth it. You have given me so many ideas, especially with crafts! I really just wanted to thank you personally for all the help you have unwittingly provided me with. I’m blogging about my experience, if you have any comments or advice please feel free to check it out at.
    谢谢, 佐伊!

    • Megan says:

      你好 Zoe! I am so happy to hear that my site is helping you. All these ideas and projects I have done with my kids or used when teaching myself. Right now, I am in the midst of planning my daughter’s birthday party. I have some fun game ideas that will reinforce Chinese learning. I will be posting them soon.
      Georgetown is an impressive school. You will be in a great town for reinforcing your Mandarin too!
      Best of luck to you!
      Megan (aka Sweet Plum)