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Learn Colors in Mandarin Chinese (audio pronunciation clip)

I walk through the basic colors in Chinese. The complete word in Mandarin for color is yán sè  (pronounced ‘yen’ with rising tone, and  ’si’ with sharp dropping tone); often, just sè (‘si’ with sharp descending tone) is used as … Continue reading

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Suggestion: “Sagwa – The Chinese Siamese Cat” PBS web site based upon the Amy Tan children’s folk story book

If you haven’t already, check out the PBS Kids Web Site for the show “Saga-The Chinese Siamese Cat” for interactive games that are geared toward preschoolers and early elementary aged children. The site is not geared to teach Mandarin language, … Continue reading

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Suggested DVD: “Let’s Go to Market in China”

Follow Jade! Learn Chinese: Let’s Go To Market in China is one of the first Chinese language DVD’s I showed my children. Jade speaks very slowly and deliberately. She uses standard Mandarin and teaches children some basic vocabulary. The quality … Continue reading

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Say “Happy Thanksgiving!” in Chinese (with audio pronunciation clip and coloring page)

Teach your child to say ‘Happy Thanksgiving!’ and ‘turkey’ in Chinese: 感恩节快乐 Gǎn ēn jíe kùai lè! [‘gan’ drops and rises with a short ‘a’ sound, ‘en’ is sustained pitch with a short ‘e’ sound, ‘jie’ is a rising ‘je’ sound … Continue reading

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Suggested Book – “In the Snow” by Huy Voun Lee for introduction to Chinese character writing

In the Snow by Huy Voun Lee Ages 4- 8 years Copyright 1995 Publisher Henry Holt and Company ISBN-10: 0805065792 ISBN-13:978-0805065794 I recently read In the Snow by Huy Voun Lee to my daughter. The book is about a boy who … Continue reading

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