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Elections at home and in China – “Please vote for me!” by Weijun Chen

A few days ago, I registered to run for a seat on my local school board. This is a big deal because 1) it is time consuming and will require my attending long meetings during the work week, 2) our … Continue reading

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Learn about Kid’s Favorite Chinese New Year Foods

Like most cultures, major holidays are about special foods and dishes. So many delicious treats are savored during the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival. Here are some of my kids’ favorites: Noodles 面条 mìan tíao (‘mian’ is ‘me’ with … Continue reading

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Suggested book – “Bringing in the New Year” by Grace Lin

As the Chinese New Year approaches (February 3, 2011), I will be reading a favorite children’s book by Grace Lin titled Bringing in the New Year. The story is about how a family celebrates the week long Chinese holiday, also … Continue reading

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Learn to say the four seasons in Mandarin Chinese (with audio pronunciation and kids worksheet)

“Winter, spring, summer, and fall”– I repeat this with my preschooler a lot to get her to learn the four seasons. I’ve also started teaching both my children the seasons in Mandarin Chinese. Click here for pronunciation of the four … Continue reading

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Learn a Mandarin Chinese tongue twister

“Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy wuzzy had no hair. Fuzzy wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy, was he?” ‘Tongue twister’ in Mandarin Chinese is ‘rào kǒu lìng’ 绕口令 (‘rao’ is ‘r’+’ow with declining tone, ‘kou’ is ‘k’+long ‘o’ sound with decscending and … Continue reading

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