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Chinese Themed Birthday Party for Lucky No. 8

My oldest daughter just turned eight years old. The number eight (八 “bā”, ‘ba’ is ‘bah’ with a sustained tone) is a lucky number in Chinese culture. To celebrate, we planned a Chinese-themed birthday party. We had Chinese inspired colors … Continue reading

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Suggested Book – “Cat and Rat” by Ed Young

My kids love to hear about the twelve animals associated with the Chinese Zodiac. They will inquire about which animal they are, I am, and all their relatives and friends. By the way, I am a monkey. Most recently, my … Continue reading

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Say ‘Happy Birthday! (in Mandarin Chinese with audio clip)

Happy Birthday! Here’s how we say Happy Birthday in Mandarin Chinese: 生日快乐!Shēng rì Kùai lè! (‘Sheng’ is ‘shung’ with a high, sustained tone; ‘ri’ is ‘ruh’ with a descending tone;’kuai’ is ‘k-why’ with a declining tone, le is ‘l+uh’ with … Continue reading

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Give your child a “hóng bāo” 红包 for Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year started recently and the celebration goes on for about a week. As with many holidays, children receive gifts. Typically, the gift given is a red envelope filled with coins/money. These envelopes are called “hóng bāo” 红包 or … Continue reading

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Say Chinese “Happy New Year!” wishes in Mandarin and Grace Lin Craft

“Happy New Year!” Let’s welcome the year of the rabbit and learn to share good wishes in Mandarin Chinese.  Just say… 恭喜发财! Gōngxǐ fācái! (‘Gong’ is g+awng with a dropping then rising tone; ‘xi’ is “she” with a long ‘e’ and … Continue reading

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