Using this blog

How can this blog help your child learn Mandarin Chinese?

This blog is designed for parents or teachers, with little or no Chinese language background, to teach young children basic, Mandarin Chinese. My materials are geared toward younger children, pre-K through 1st/2nd grade level, and could easily be adapted into a preschool, elementary, or homeschooling curriculum.

You may find my blog useful to supplement your child’s existing Mandarin instruction or to simply begin introducing your child to Mandarin.

Here are the blog’s key areas:

1) Chinese Learning Areas – I categorize my materials into discreet learning areas according to subject. For example, some of the areas are greetings, colors, numbers and counting, and Chinese culture.

Posts in this section often contain audio pronunciation clips where I read words in Mandarin. Listening to the audio is helpful to validate correction pronunciation. In addition, I provide detailed Mandarin pronunciation tips.

2) Activities – Once you have tapped into a specific learning area, you can reinforce the vocabulary / characters with your child by completing a fun project or activity. I post various language reinforcement project activities in this section.

Children may be able to do some project activities independently, like coloring in a picture and tracing Chinese characters. Others activities may require some additional materials (e.g, glue, paint, scissors, etc.) and an adult’s assistance.

3) Tips for Parents and Teachers – In this section, I offer specific insights into Mandarin and Chinese learning that are not common knowledge. I do my best to explain various aspects of Chinese language such as Chinese tones, character writing, etc. For newcomers to my blog, it would be helpful to review previously posted tips.

4) Suggested Resources – I use this area to share third party resources, such as books, DVDs, or web sites, that I have come across and feel would be beneficial to supplement Chinese learning.

5) Uncategorized / Other areas – Because my blog is evolving, I anticipate new areas may be added in the future. I am also working on another Chinese educational project that I hope to share more details on through this blog.


I am excited to post the Chinese knowledge, tips, and resources I have gathered and practiced with my own children. Please feel free to share your suggestions and comments. I would also love to hear what works well for you and your little learner!

One Response to Using this blog

  1. Terri Manente says:

    My 4 year old boys are really enjoying the activities your blog has for helping kids learn Mandarin Chinese! We are currently working on the caterpillar activity craft to learn colors and next plan to work on numbers. Thank you so much for all your fun ideas!